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Quality Jewellery Care Products made in Australia Local & Export trade

For more than 53 years, Original has been Australia’s most trusted manufacturer of jewellery and diamond cleaners (est.1964)
Original Jewellery Care products are all non-toxic, high performing, and environmentally friendly formulations, giving you great results with none of the drawbacks.

What our Customers have to say

I received your amazing product in the mail yesterday. I’ve already used it and it’s fantastic. Thank you very much. I’ll be using the product at a Fund Raising morning tea, as when we get together we also make it a Jewellery Cleaning session.                                       Can we buy the product wholesale to use for fundraising

The best jewelry cleaner for silver, gold, copper and for anything you can think of! Fabulous product. Where can I buy it in Mackay Queensland.      

I’ve been using this jewellery cleaner for over 20 years and love it! I’m always amazed at how great the jewellery looks after cleaning. I highly recommend this product to everyone I meet – it is so quick and easy to use.      

This would have to be the best jewellery cleaner ever!!! The results are bloody fantastic! So anyone out there who likes bling, do yourself a treat and get some of Original, which can be purchased from your local  Community Friend Fundraiser It lasts for ages so it’s worth the money!      

Get in Touch

If you are interested in selling our Original Community Friend, Jewellery Care Products, as a Community Friend Fundraiser ,there is a GOOD COMMISSION for you to PERSONALLY EARN, and we DONATE an equal amount to McGrath Foundation , as this products profit is now dedicated for Fundraising for  Breast Cancer  services.        Call us on 1800 778 876 to find out more.
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