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About "Original Community Friends"Diamond & Precious Jewellery Cleaner

Since 1964, Original’s jewellery and diamond cleaner have been Australia’s most trusted products for the maintenance and renewal of quality jewellery.

The Original jewellery cleaner range was created by acclaimed Australian Jewellery Designer, John Withers, who exported the first shipment of 7,800 carats of Australian Diamonds to India, where we made the technical breakthrough to polish them.
 8 out of 10 diamonds in the World are polished in India . John's Son, Jason carries on the Diamond & Jewellery designing business ref: www.original-diamonds.com.au   www. jasonwithers.com.au   www.diamonds.hk    www.erings.com.au
"Original" Design Plastic products such as our three sizes of  Diamond cut Bottles , Cap & Strainer for our Jewellery Care Products, Medical devices for Neurosurgery, plus  very outstanding Diamond Rings & Precious Jewellery, and special cuts of Pink and colored Diamonds.
We are Manufacturers  who can design & make any product in our field of expertise . John, Stephen & Jason Withers, remain truly passionate about the products and enjoy serving our loyal customers. We are now striving to just make & sell our Jewellery Care products under the "Original Community Friends"  label so all the profit goes to the McGrath Foundation for Breast Cancer.
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A Family Passion

The Withers family really understand and love jewellery, and that passion is evident in the amazing products that they create. They also love working with the public – just like the Original consultants you may have met at the markets & shows across Australia – educating people on just how simple professional care and maintenance of Jewellery can be with our "Original Community Friends" Jewellery Care Products.

Decades of Experience

More than a combined 100 years of industry experience the Withers experience backs up Original’s quality guarantee for the products. When you use "Original Community Friends" Diamond & Precious Jewellery cleaners you will get a professional, hygienically clean, and polished result, every time, making your Jewellery look like new once again.

A Safer Jewellery Cleaner

At Original, we are also committed to the safety both of our customers and the environment. That’s why we create
non-toxic cleaners that are just as effective as more harmful products, but without any of the risks. "Original Community Friends" Jewellery Care products are  biodegradable, eco-friendly cleaners because we believe that the price of cleaning your jewellery shouldn’t poison the environment.

Get in Touch with Original

To find out more about our non-toxic, eco- friendly, and highly effective jewellery cleaners, or to place an order for your Fundraising, call us on 1800 77 88 76 for a chat today.
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