Frequently Asked Questions about our Jewellery Care Products

Here at Original, we are always happy to answer your questions over the phone with a quick response . But to save you time, we have provided answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below.      Freecall: 1800 77 88 76

  Why do I need to clean my Jewellery?

Salt, acid, and other chemicals picked up in daily life create an oxidising or tarnishing effect on jewellery. The most common tarnish-causing elements are salt in skin, soap, dirt, grit, sweat, chlorine, wool felt, eggs, onions, rubber bands, gloves, and more.
The majority of Jewellery in a Jewellery Store window is tarnished do to the glue fumes from the display pads and the heat from the spot lights.

Usually, the less pure the metal is, the more noticeable the tarnish or dullness. If you let the oxidization, dirt and grime build up behind your stones, this can significantly add to the possibility of weakening the setting and even losing a stone, as the dirt gets between the stone and the setting, grinding away with movement. This is why quality jewellery care products are so important.

Why do diamonds get dirty so fast?

Diamonds have no resistance and have the unusual property of repelling water. But they are attracted to grease, such as hand cream,detergent, soap & cooking ingredients
This means your diamond will need regular care with "Original Community Friends"Diamond & Precious Jewellery Cleaner cleaner to maintain its brilliance and lustre.

I've heard that toothpaste is good to clean Jewellery, is that right?

Absolutely not – toothpaste should never be used as a gold or silver polish. Some toothpastes contain baking soda & grits  plus other ingredients which are much too abrasive. Even trace amounts may cause serious damage to soft gems and metals.

How are chemical dips different to "Original Community Friends" products?

Chemical dips work by dissolving the tarnish on an object at an accelerated rate.
  1. They are made up of acids and a complex combination of dissolving agents. These acid cleaners are corrosive and can damage some metals and destroy certain types of organic gemstones. 
  2. They are immediately effective, but at great cost – after the dip the surface of the jewellery or item is microscopically pitted or cratered like the moon’s surface and will act like a sponge, more readily absorbing tarnish-producing chemicals and moisture. 
  3. The item may then require professional polishing to restore the original finish, or may be permanently ruined. 
There is simply no alternative to Professionally made "Original Community Friends" Jewellery Care products.

How do I use "Original Community Friends" Gold and Silver polish?

  1. Shake polish bottle well before use.
  2. Apply the polish to your jewellery settings and chain links with your fingertips or an Original jewellery brush.
  3. Rub the polish off firmly with tissues, removing tarnish.
  4. Rinse your jewellery well in warm water.
  5. Complete the process using Original’s Diamond and Precious Jewellery cleaner to clean settings thoroughly and restore sparkle to gemstones.
  6. Dry with a tissue or cloth.
  7. Re apply every  month for best results.
CAUTION: Do not use on opals glued together as doublets/triplets , imitation pearls, or imitation jewellery not well plated with Gold or Silver. our products are specifically made for precious Gold or Silver & faceted Gems

Are "Original Community Friends" products safe to use?

Original’s products are all non-toxic jewellery cleaners made with natural ingredients and completely safe to use with bare hands. They are soluble in water, non-toxic, non-acidic, and non-abrasive. This means they’re not only safe for you to use, but they are also safe for the environment.

Our products are manufactured in a sterile environment to comply with the quality control requirements of the Therapeutic Goods Act (TGA), the controlling body of the cosmetic and drug industries in Australia.

How do I use the "Original Community Friends" Diamond & Precious Jewellery Cleaner?

  1. First polish with Original’s Gold/Silver polish, just dab a bit on the item and spread it around with a tissue or your finger, then polish the item with a cloth or tissue, and the black that comes off , is tarnish.
  2. Place your jewellery into a plastic or glass dish and cover with solution; soak for approximately 2-3 minutes, But don't leave different metal jewellery in the dish for longer as the different metals will react on each other
  3. Using your Original jewellery brush, scrub under settings to remove any built-up solids and accumulated grime.
  4. Rinse in warm water and dry with a tissue.
  5. Repeat this process weekly to keep jewellery in prime condition.

Can I sell "Original Community Friends" Products?

Absolutely – If you want to make more than 25% of the sale price for yourself, and at the same time commit us to giving the same amount (equal) amount you earn to the McGrath Foundation Ltd. to fund Breast Cancer Nurses around Australia.
As we are donating all our wholesale profit to the charity.

Still Unsure? 
But you can  believe this as we have proven it well.

"If you can polish & clean a Ring in front of a consumer (don't use a polishing buff or take it behind a partition) they will talk to you about Jewellery and you will sell them more Jewellery."
Quote from :
De Beers meeting for major Jewellers in Sydney in 1963

Original Jewellery Care , established 1964  by John Withers, Jewellery Designer for Diamond Syndicate, in Australia, USA, Hong Kong & Philippines

Australian Coloured Diamonds were surveyed on consumers by Demonstrator/Sales ladies whilst selling Öriginal Jewellery Care products in 1987,

2017 Withers Family Directors decide to convert the "Original" Jewellery Care to a business with an "Original Community Care" so all the profit goes to the McGrath Foundation ltd. for Breast Cancer Nurses around Australia.

If you couldn’t find the answer you need here, or want to find out more about purchasing our products, give us a call on 1800 778 876
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