Start Your Own Original Business


Start Your Own Original Distributorship with our product under the    "Original Community Friends" Branded label, so the products become your Fundraising Product besides making a good profit just for you.

With your "Original Community Friends" Distributorship you can earn a great income whilst sharing your love of our eco-friendly jewellery cleaners with others and with us giving all our profit to the McGrath Foundation Ltd. for Breast Care Nurses across Australia

You can set up a stall at your local market, show, or trade fairs or sell in retail stores such as Jewellers, Gift shops, Hairdressers,  Beauty salons, and at Fund raising morning tea's where you Polish and Clean are ring for each Lady attending  ...The possibilities are endless!

How Much Can I Earn?

How much you earn depends on you – if you’re willing to put the time into it, you can create a very successful and profitable business with the margin of profit we offer you.
The potential is everyone who owns or trades in Jewellery needs it Polished and Cleaned to look its best.
           FOR EVERY DOLLAR YOU EARN WE GIVE THE SAME AMOUNT TO THE McGrath Foundation Ltd. for Breast Cancer Nurses around Australia.
To date, more than 47 women have made full-time incomes from part-time work demonstrating and selling Original’s Jewellery Care products. We know at least three of them used the money to help put their children through university. Jason Withers, son of Original’s founder E. John Withers, started his business with Original Jewellery Care products and just look where he is now.:

What Support Do I Get?

You’ll receive a training manual and full support whenever you need it. We have a Lady on our team who has run her own very successful, long-term Original business and she is always on hand to answer any questions you may have about your own "Original Community Friends" Distributorship.

What is the initial investment?

When you join our team you purchase a Starter Kit, which consists of  five gift packs – these generally constitute 95% of sales, so we always start you out with these. The  prices will be discussed with you when your Distributorship application is approved.

What Are the Ongoing Costs?

The only ongoing cost is purchasing the products you intend to sell under the brand  "Original Community Friends" Pricing includes all your postage/freight  costs.

How Do I Register?

To find out more about this exciting & long term opportunity, please call Rosie-May  1800 778 876 or Mob:0400530340
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