About Us

Original Jewellery Cleaning Products were developed by John Withers in 1964. Made in Australia since 1964, Original has been the first choice for generations of Australian jewellery lovers.




In 1963 I was invited to a meeting with the seven largest Jewellers in Australia, hosted by De Beers who at that time controlled the World’s Diamond industry.                                                                                                 


De Beers presented the results that their advertising agency Walter J. Thompson ,had conducted on the Australian Jewellery Industry. A point they made was that if you “Polished & Cleaned a Diamond ring for a consumer in front of them, (do not take the ring out of sight  behind a partition), they would talk to you about Jewellery and you would sell them more Jewellery”.                          


When I left the meeting, I discovered that the only Jewellery Cleaner on the Australian market was Goddards of England, so I engaged a firm with two Industrial Chemists and a Cosmetic Chemist .... Original Jewellery Care products were born.

We Instructed them to formulate a non- poisonous, bio-degradable, Diamond/Gem & Precious jewellery Cleaner that could be re used, and could be handled safely by people with normal skin…. Original” Jewellery Care products are now made under strict TGA controls to this end .


It was my Father, Robert (Bob) Withers who discovered and proved up, that “Original” was an excellent product to demonstrate, and the stories that can be told about Bob and “Original” are extraordinary and endless, but as an example he sold 1003 bottles of “Original Jewellery Cleaner” in Woolworths, Town Hall, Sydney in three days. Woolworths had an entrance direct from the Town Hall underground railway station.

Bob bought himself a nice boat & outboard motor with the profit from that event.


Brand recognition was recognised early on as a major part of our ongoing marketing tools. We have designed our own distinctive Diamond cut bottles and have three moulds for 125ml, 55ml & 35m land these designs are a part of our Intellectual Property, which consumers recognise together with our “Original’ trade mark No.54975 .... Irrespective of labelling , as we offer personalised labelling, it is the diamond cut packaging engaging recognition and trust.


For the first 22 years Original Jewellery Cleaning Products were demonstrated  exclusively as a family business complimenting their existing Jewellery Businesses to increase cash flow and encourage new customers . 

The most successful being Jason Withers (gemologist and diamond grader) who , in the 90's had 47 demonstrators in shopping centres around Australia. Ultimately , this arm of the business successfully financed his own diamond wholesale business .

The power of demonstrating Original Products was now established and continued within the family.


For any Person or Company to take “Original” products into the future, it is important to understand the unique effect the use of the product has on consumers and to realise that as a business, it can expand and contract without becoming insolvent, providing the stock is seen the same as money in the Bank.      

 “Original” Jewellery Care Products are made to be a service product, it does not go out of fashion, become a fad or gimmick, so what you hold in stock does not become obsolete, and is always saleable


We have altered our production methods this year to be able to make small runs of products with various labels, however we insist that our two trade marks are also shown on the labels.

As manufacturers ,our interest is to make the product for others, so they have a product which is theirs, showing their contact details, so they gain all the repeat business.  

We are interested in Corporate Partnerships, to bring us close to our distributors and their marketing systems.



Although still performing as a family owned business, Allison Fielmich is now guiding Original Products into the 21st century.